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EcoPassenger and EcoTransIT

Some useful tools to check your emissions !

Friday 21 May 2010, by Maguelonne de Cossart

The international cooperation enables to have right information and data. With the energy consumption information provided by these tools, everyone can take decisions in order to mitigate GHG emissions.

EcoPassenger and EcoTransIT are two user-friendly internet tools to compare the energy consumption, CO2- and exhaust atmospheric emissions for planes, cars and trains (and trucks) in Europe.

EcoPassenger and EcoTransIT are fed with the best available data for all modes, and developed in cooperation with Ifeu (the German Institute for Environment and Energy) and technical providers of European routing systems and software, Hacon and IVEmbH (routing system and software)

EcoPassenger and EcoTransIT include rail data from the new UIC energy and CO2-data base. EcoPassenger and EcoTransIT do not only calculate the energy or the fuel it takes to run the train, car or the plane. The calculations include the emissions from the cumulative energy consumption (as seen below) including the energy used to produce the electricity or the fuel, in a “well to wheel”-perspective.

EcoTransIT tool was originally developed by a consortium of the five European railways FS, SNCF, SBB, DB and Green (GREen heavy duty ENgine Cargo.) In 2007 the EcoTransIT consortium was joined by RENFE (ES), EWS (GB) SNCB (BE) and UIC.

On 25 June 2008 EcoPassenger and EcoTransIT were (re)launched in cooperation with the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen. The methodology has been accepted as one of the contributing documents to the process of developing a European standard.

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