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Sustainability Conference

Monday 10 September 2012

Every two year , the UIC holds the Sustainability Conference in order to find new solutions to implement sustainable development, and to share good practices.

2012- Venice

This year, the Sustainability Conference was held in Venice, in October 2012, with our italian member FS. It was an opportunity for members and experts to meet together to present their solutions and their new projects. This year, the Conference also featured high level speakers from the UN and the World Bank, allowing us to assess railways’ performance also from a global point of view. The outcomes of Rio+20 for sustainable transport were also discussed.
To learn everything about the conference, please see : http://www.uic-environment.org/spip.php?article1

History of Sustainability Conferences

It is not the first time that UIC has held such a paramount conference. In 2010, it was held in Madrid , jointly organized with Renfe. In 2008, London was the host city and ATOC organized the conference with us. In 2006, UIC stayed in its home country , at Marseille , and SNCF was a co-organizer. In 2004, DB and UIC held the conference in Berlin and in 2002 it also took place in Italy, in Rome.


This shows that we have been trying to find solutions together for a very long time, meaning that UIC members are keen on becoming more sustainable and they succeed in doing so.