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Before Rio+20

Our activities to prepare the Earth Summit

Friday 7 September 2012

Given that this was the most important event of the decade in the history of sustainable development, we had to carefully prepare our future activities at the Conference. This is the series of our preparatory actions.

Input to “Compilation Document”

In October 2011, the UN ran a consultation process inviting stakeholders to provide their input to Rio+20. The UIC response can be viewed online here.

Communication to Members

In Autumn 2011, UIC wrote to all members actively involved in the EES Platform to ask for their support to promote Rio+20 with their national governments.

UIC Side Event at Regional Prep Meeting Europe: Transport in a Green Economy - Why Rio should tackle the transport sector

On the 2nd of December 2011,the Side Event at the United Nations HQ in Geneva featured speakers from UIC, UNEP, UNECE and the Austrian Ministry for Transport. It explained to an audience of national government delegates the importance of including transport in the Rio+20 process. More details : click here.

Click on the image to discover our presentation :

UIC Side Event at 2nd Preparatory Conference for Rio+20: Why transport is fundamental to sustainable development - A Rio+20 Action Agenda

On December the 15th, 2011,the Side Event updated delegates on the state of negotiations on transport at Rio+20, and explained the reasons why transportation is crucial for sustainable development. More information in our flyer :

UIC Sustainability Brochure 2012 : Global Communication

It was published on 5 June 2012, the World Environment Day
It is a new report summarizing progress from UIC members worldwide on sustainable development, written in time to be promoted in the run up to Rio+20. The report is available here.


This series of activities enabled us to be ready to attend and to participate in the Earth Summit. To read more, please read UIC at Rio+20.