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UIC and UNFCCC Overview

Friday 7 September 2012

UNFCCC - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change enables to find solutions to adapt to climate change and mitigate it. The adaptation to climate change and its mitigation are also UIC’s objectives, this is why we keep on working with the UNFCCC.

The parties that belong to the UNFCCC meet every year during the COP (Conference Of Parties) to make negotiations and find solutions to the current climate change issues.

UIC has been participated in these COP since COP6 in La Hague, since 2000. We have been trying to promote railways as part of the solutions that can meet climate change current and futures issues.

For almost ten years, we have been showing that there is a need to integrate railways in the climate change discussions as railways give the possibility to mitigate GHG emissions but we also adapt to climate change new conditions, (see for instance the ARISCC Project (Adaptation of Railway Infrastructure to Climate Change) for more information).

There are some COP which are more famous and more fruitful than others, like the COP 15, when UIC organized the Train to Copenhagen Campaign , jointly with UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) and WWF (World Wildlife Fund). The Campaign took many forms :the Train to Copenhagen website, the seminar in Kyoto, the symbolic low carbon journey from Kyoto to Copenhagen, and last but not least, the Climate Express, a train which took 450 COP 15 particpants from Brussels to Copenhagen on the 5th of December. The article " COP15-Train to Copenhagen Campaign" provides accurate information on this campaign.

To discover our activity with UNFCCC, please read also:

We did not put information about our attendance at COP6, La Hague, 2000; COP7, Marrakech 2001; COP9 Milan, 2003 but we did participate in those events, which means that we have been cooperating with the UNFCCC for a very long time and we will keep on working with them.